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15-Point Roof Inspections

Connecticut & Rhode Island

The Best Way to Ensure Your Roof Is in Good Shape

Roofing InspectionWhen is the last time you had the roof on your home or commercial building inspected? If you are not sure, it’s been too long. Get in touch with Pawcatuck Roofing Company Inc today to schedule your roof inspection. A 15-Point Inspection will:

Help prevent problems with your roof.

Help you avoid leak issues.

Extend your current roof system’s life.


What the 15-Point Inspection Includes

  • Exterior Walls: Leaks, stains and missing mortar
  • Interior Roof Deck: Signs of leaks or deterioration
  • Ceilings: Signs of leaks
  • Roof Edges: Deterioration
  • Interior Walls: Signs of leaks
  • Fascia/Coping: Leaks, staining, missing mortar
  • Expansion Joints: Signs of excessive movement, leaks or deterioration
  • Field of Roof: Redistribute ballast, note damage and deficiencies, inspect coating
  • Penetrations: Fill all pitch pans, inspect pipe boots
  • Metal: Check attachments, paint any rusted metal, re-caulk as needed
  • Drainage Systems: Clear all gutters, downspouts, scuppers, clean out drains, check strainers and clamping rings
  • Base Flashings: Check attachment, check counter flashings, inspect for signs of movement
  • HVAC Units: Check ductwork, housings, lines, pipes, sheet metal cabinets, gaskets and equipment base/tie-in
  • Other: Check for oil deposits, surface contamination, soft areas, vandalism and ponding water.
  • Issues: Does the roof need cleaning? Are there traffic patterns or walkway pads needed?

Contact Us to Schedule a 15-Point Inspection

Your home or commercial building is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make and the roof is what’s protecting that investment. Make sure it’s in the best possible condition and set up a 15-Point Inspection with Pawcatuck Roofing Company. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable roofing contractors are well-trained and will let be able to let you know if anything needs to be addressed.

To schedule your inspection just call 860.650.1951 or complete our online request form for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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