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Window Installation from Pawcatuck Roofing Company

As a homeowner, you may have considered getting new windows for your house but are unsure if it’s worth the investment. However, old, drafty windows not only reduce your home’s energy efficiency but also compromise its security and aesthetics.

Why Replacement Windows are Needed

Over time, windows can wear down and become inefficient, leading to various issues, including:

  • Energy Loss: Old windows allow for air drafts, causing your HVAC system to work harder and inefficiency leading to an increase in energy bills.
  • Safety: Older windows have lock systems that can malfunction or fail completely, putting you and your family’s safety at risk.
  • Aesthetics: Worn, outdated windows can take away from the appearance of your house, both internally and externally.

What Are the Benefits of Replacement Windows?

When considering replacement windows, there are abundant benefits. Some of the key advantages include:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Replacement windows are designed for efficiency and reduce the draft, which leads to energy savings. These windows meet modern energy conservation standards and protect your home from air and heat exchange.

Noise Reduction

Replacing windows can significantly reduce outdoor noise, giving you a quieter and more comfortable home.

Increased Security

Replacement windows offer an increased level of security and are designed with a quality lock system, providing you with peace of mind.


A new set of windows can add depth, character and beauty to your home, enhancing curb appeal and the overall look and feel of your house.

Reduced Maintenance

If you’re tired of having to replace broken glass, weather sealant, or faulty locks, new windows offer minimal maintenance. They’re made with easily cleanable, durable, and long-lasting materials.

Comparison of Window Brands

When researching window replacement options, three reputable brands to consider are Anderson, Wincor, and Harvey Windows.

Anderson Windows

Anderson Windows is known for their exceptional quality, energy efficiency features, and unrivaled warranty. They also offer versatile design options, including a diverse range of styles, colors, and finishes.

Harvey Windows

Harvey Windows boast beauty, quality, and energy efficiency. They are built to withstand the harsh weather conditions of New England and provide excellent noise reduction benefits. Harvey Windows also offer plenty of customization options in terms of design and style.

Wincor Windows

Wincore Windows is a window manufacturer based in Parkersburg, West Virginia. They manufacture vinyl windows and patio doors for remodeling and new construction, as well as fiberglass entry systems.

Elevate Your Home with Pawcatuck Roofing Company Replacement Window Installation

Upgrade your home to optimal energy efficiency and security, improve its appearance, and reduce maintenance with replacement window installation by Pawcatuck Roofing Company. Our window installation services include both Anderson and Harvey Windows, providing you with top quality and design options. Contact us for a free consultation and expert guidance in choosing the best replacement windows suited for your needs.

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